Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Here's a little quiz for you all on a Summer afternoon. The winner gets a fabulous prize*.

  1. What is the most Northerly EBU-affiliated bridge club?
  2. Who is the most Southerly fully EBUTA-certified teacher?
  3. Name four EBU-affiliated bridge clubs with an 'ace' in their name.
  4. Name one EBU-affiliated bridge club with a 'two' in its name.
  5. Which EBU-affiliated bridge club has the longest name?

As a tie-breaker, how many EBU-affiliated bridge clubs are there in the Eastern Hemisphere (i.e. East of zero longitude)?

Answers on a postcard please or, for those of you up on your modern technology, by email.

* Prize will be the admiration and respect of all bridge players. Prize will be sent by recorded delivery. All officers and employees of the EBU and their bridge partners are ineligible to win the prize (they already have it).

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