Monday, 28 September 2009

Minibridge in Norwich

The EBU Minibridge initiative has started very well in the North West of England (particularly in Manchester), and it was now time to work on other areas in England. After some initial contact in East Anglia, Mr Tony O’Rourke, Deputy Head Teacher of Tuckswood Community Primary School in Norwich was very interested in the Minibridge initiative and asked if the EBU could come along and introduce the game to his teachers. He also opened up the day to any other primary school teachers in the area.

We started the day with an interview on Radio Norfolk (not Radio Norwich, which was Alan Partidge’s old stomping ground). Two of Tuckswood’s children: Katelin and Lewis joined Tony O’Rourke and myself in the interview, and were brilliant – true naturals.

Tuckswood Community Primary School planned the whole day around various card games, which meant that the pupils were psyched up to the new game that we were introducing. We had allotted two hour long sessions for the teachers to learn about the game and the interactive CD from David Adelman. At first the teachers were a little confused about the it all, but they soon picked up the details. After the lunch break, the teachers tried out some Minibridge and enjoyed it thoroughly.

From 2pm we invited twenty pupils from the school to try their hand at the game with a teacher on each table, and David overseeing. The teachers really enjoyed this part of the day, because they were able to utilise what they had learnt previously. The importance of this work was to give the teachers a chance to interact and learn the game with their pupils.

It was a really great day and one that will see the beginning of Minibridge at local Norwich primary schools.

Matt Betts

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