Friday, 25 June 2010

Updated Master Point Information

Since the introduction of Pay To Play it's become apparent that we needed an overhaul of the Check Points Online web page which has been used for several years. It couldn't cope with the new information and was in need of a cosmetic make-over. So today we're launching an update which you should find the next time you log on to your personal members area.

A new tab is now available called 'Master Points'. If you select it you'll find a list of all the master points that have been credited to your account. Rather than one long list stretching back years, it breaks down into Master Point Year. On the default page you'll see all the 2010 points and to select other years you just click on the year in the menu above.

To see the date when an entry was credited, hover your mouse over the line and it will pop up with this information.

Finally, note that points credited under the P2P system will be credited monthly and amalgamated by club. The entry now tells you which club and which month it was for.

This new feature is available now and the existing page will be retired. If you notice any problems or have any suggestions, leave a comment or contact us.


  1. I can't see the line when I hover my house over it!

  2. Clicking on Member Login on the menu on this Blog page gives the following message:
    [quote]This is the old members area and is not working right now.
    Visit the new members area.
    Needs tidying :)

  3. Indeed, and the other blogs too. Thanks for noticing - it's fixed now.

  4. It seems to be a significant improvement to the previous method. It would be even better if you could look at master point records for members other than yourself as you could under the old system (e.g. to check up on behalf of those who don't have internet access) even if this has to be limited to club or county administrators.

  5. Why does 2005 come before 2006 in the list of years?

    The sessions only record those from my prime-allegiance club. Is this because other clubs and County Association/EBU have not entered these?

  6. @Anonymous - Not sure what you mean for that first question! Why shouldn't 2005 come before 2006?

    As for your missing sessions, talk to whoever ran the event. Note that points submitted via the P2P system are credited once a month.

  7. Hi Michael, the list of years (for me anyway) runs 2010, 2008, 2009, 2007, 2005, 2006 .... which doesn't seem quite right somehow!

  8. Hi Sandra. Can you email me with your EBU number and I'll take a look for you. It's just michael at

  9. Can you please organise the login so that the computer remembers my password? Old fingers like mine cannot remember a dozen totally incomprehensible letters!
    Also (agreeing with Mervyn W. above) it is very nice to see other members' masterpoints. Surely this is not confidential information?

  10. When I look at my masterpoints in the Members area it says I have 50,439 greens. This looks like I have about 50 greens whereas I have about 500. Seems a strange way of writing it - why not 504.39. Also there is an entry for 700 golds but my total is 3. something. All very unclear!
    Helen Ackroyd 060046

  11. Yes, there are some strange historical peculiarities with the master point system. Green points have the same real value as black points but it's common practice to quote them in ranking lists as a hundredth of their value. So for a Swiss Pairs match won you usually read 0.25 greens when in actual fact the number of greens the EBU puts on your record is 25.

    Gold Points are also quirky. The numbers in the Gold Points column are actually the number of Green Points that were eligible for Gold Points. This will usually be when you earn 500 (i.e. 5) green points in one event. To calcualte the Gold Points themselves, you divide by 500 and then apply a 20% depreciation per year until they disappear. So your 700 green points would have been worth 1.4 gold points in the year you earned them, then in the next year they would be worth 1.12 gold points, and so on.

    More information can be found on our website.

  12. 2 people have asked why we cannot view master points for other people (we could pre P2P)

    This does not seem to have been answered

    I would like to and cannot see that this is confidential or against data protection or is it ?


  13. Hi Richard,

    It's not a data protection issue but some people were uncomfortable under the old system that anybody could look up their full playing history and indeed that was never our intention - we just didn't have the means to password protect it, which we do now.

    We do listen to all suggestions, though, and will consider such issues for any future versions of the website software.



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