Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Max Bavin

Our Chief Tournament Director, Max Bavin, holds the same position with the World Bridge Federation. Max now wants to slightly reduce his commitments and move from five days a week with the EBU to four.

Max fulfils two quite different roles with the EBU - those of Chief Tournament Director and Chief Tournament Manager. The second of these involving:
  • managing all EBU Competitions
  • having overall responsibility for the regulation of P2P, Licensing and Masterpoints
  • advising and supporting the Tournament Committee
  • advising and supporting the Selection Committee

This requires significantly more time than the first. Accordingly we are very pleased to announce that from 1 April 2011, Gordon Rainsford will be joining the EBU on a 1-day a week basis as Assistant Chief Tournament Director. Max will, for the time being, formally retain the position of Chief Tournament Director and Gordon will report to him.

Barry Capal
General Manager

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