Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New Members Area

The current EBU members area is almost a year old now and we've had a lot of feedback in that time on how we might improve things. Last week we made live an updated version which has incorporated a few of the ideas and you can view it by clicking here (or following the link from the existing page).

The first thing you'll notice is the list of sessions on the right-hand side has been moved to its own tab and in its place is a summary of your latest sessions and master point credits. We've also moved the 'log out' button up here so that it's a bit more obvious.

Hover your mouse over an entry to see some more information about it.

The other major change is the sessions list.

We realised that the old list was rather basic and was getting a little too long for some people. It's now been tidied up and for those who have played a lot it will split itself into separate years, which should hopefully make it load up quicker too. The default view is by date played in reverse order, so the most recent session is at the top, but you can click the column headers to sort it however you like. As before, clicking a session will open up the full information about that session.

The other changes are mostly behind the scenes to make it load a bit faster. There's also an option to remember your login so that if you shut down the browser without clicking the 'Log Out' button you will stay logged in when you next visit the members area — useful for frequent visitors.

There's more to come in this area as we'll be adding master point promotions and National Grading Scheme information here too, but we'll announce those when they're ready.

For club administrators, the club counterpart to the members area is not available yet in this new version but should be ready soon. For now you'll have to stick with the old version.

If anyone has any suggestions or notices a problem, you can email me or leave a comment.

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