Friday, 10 July 2015

New League Management System goes live

Today we're going live with the new League Management System, which has received a large overhaul from the previous version. It incorporates a lot of suggestions we've received over the last few years and should be much nicer to use. To get there you must use the new My EBU, which is the updated version of the Members Area. Log in to there with your usual username and password and you'll find the Leagues section under Utilities. Much of the functionality should be familiar, with a new presentation, so we hope it will be intuitive and self-explanatory for users of the old LMS. This post will go through a few of the changes, and in the next few weeks we'll release some more detailed notes for users new to the system. The changes are listed below.

1. You can now have more than one captain of a team. Captains have all the usual powers to submit scores, add players and remove players but only the league organiser can add and remove captains.

2. League organisers can now set up triple and quadruple round-robins.

3. Adjustments/penalties can now be applied to a team as a whole, not just to a specific match. Click the edit icon (the pencil and paper one) by the team name to find this. 4. League titles are now split between the title bit and the date bit, to make it easier to group similar leagues together in the results pages. See the image above. While transferring the data from the old system, I tried to split the titles where possible, but league organisers may want to check their settings to make sure that it's all correct. I suggest you use the format above e.g. "2014-15" with a hyphen, to keep things consistent. You will find this setting by clicking the edit icon by the appropriate league in the list of leagues. The division title can be changed in the individual division page.

5. You will also see three new options in the screenshot above. Show match line-ups in public results means that the public results pages show who played in each match (by clicking on the match result in the grid). We think this is a nice feature and so encourage league organisers to check this box, but realise that some will want to keep this private so have disabled it by default.

6. You can now prevent the registration of players in more than one team, either for just that one division or for the entire league. This won't retrospectively remove players already registered in more than one team - just prevent further registrations.

7. You can now clear a match of a result if you made a mistake and edited the wrong one, so no longer have to mess about setting scores to 0-0.

8. The masterpoint settings for a league can now be entered at any time - not just during finalisation. You'll find these by clicking on the edit icon by the division title in the division page.

We've transferred over all the leagues from the old LMS to the new LMS, but there are some in there which were just test leagues and still need to be deleted. We'll be doing this as soon as we can, but if you notice any still there after a couple of weeks just let us know and we'll get rid of it.

I hope you find the changes are an improvement and, as always, if you have any questions/problems just contact me or leave a comment.

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