Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Introduction to Feeds

WARNING! Moderately technical computer stuff follows!

You may have noticed that the EBU has gone a little blog happy lately. There are more to come, too, and it might become harder to effortlessly keep up with everything. A lot of the items that appear in the blogs will be highlighted on the EBU front page of course, but not everything, and if you don't check in for a few days you might miss something. You can keep up by visiting every blog on a regular basis but that would soon become boring.

The solution is to make use of the automatic feeds that come from the blogs and which get updated whenever a new post gets made. A feed is just a stream of information and a feed reader can keep tabs on these streams and let you know when any of them change. This is not as complicated as it might sound and in fact you all probably have feed reader functionality in your browser right now. For instance, if you're using Internet Explorer 7 you can click on the orange feed icon to subscribe to a feed:

The feed will then appear in your list of favourites and will be highlighted when something new is available. Similar things can be done for Firefox, Opera, Safari and lots of other browsers. Alternatively, you can use a feed reader program to do this outside of your browser and there are lots of good ones out there. This Wikipedia article tells you all you need to know. In this way you can keep up to date with the blogs you're interested in without having to check back every day yourself.

Feeds are very useful and we intend to use them a lot more in the future so this is something that is worth discovering, if you haven't done so already.

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