Tuesday, 20 May 2008

John's great adventure: Chapter 3

Tuesday May 20th, Gaborone, Botswana

So far I haven’t managed to spend a single Pula. Regular readers will remember that the Pula is the local currency. Everyone has been so friendly.

The driver of the Yarona Country Lodge met me at the airport, which is where I’m staying. Well, they seem to have apartments in at least two places in the city, so after lunch at the Lodge it was another tour of the Gaborone suburbs to find where I was actually staying.

My driver was here at 7.45 to take me to the National Sports Stadium where the teaching course is being held – so I witnessed the delights of the Gaborone rush hour.

Fortunately my 6 boxes of equipment that left the UK 6 weeks ago had safely arrived. The BBF had the usual trouble with the tax people who wanted to charge them import duty. Once they were convinced it was a gift it was allowed through without charge.

The first day of the course went well, with any number from 20 to 24 attending. Some people were only able to attend for part of the time, with jobs to go to, exams to sit etc. However, we covered all I wanted to cover.

They start tomorrow each doing a short presentation of a sample lesson – but I’ve spread that over the rest of the week so we don’t do them all in one day. So 6 presentations tomorrow and then we start some TD training.

No chance yet to see anything of the wildlife but perhaps later in the week.

Further information on my travels can be found here.

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