Thursday, 7 August 2008

Quiz Answers

I'm sure you're all dying to know what the answers were to my little quiz the other day. Here they are:
  1. Alnwick Bridge Club is our most Northerly club.
  2. Ann Owen is our most Southerly fully EBUTA-qualified teacher. Do a search for her and you'll see why nobody got this one right! She was narrowly further South than Ivor McGloughlin. I was very amused by one respondent answering 'Ayn Rand': a reference to Atlas Shrugged?
  3. This one's easy to answer if you use the map. Just type 'ace' into the search box and you get: Ace Of Clubs, Aces Bridge Club, Bristol Aerospace Bridge Club, Five Aces Bridge Club.
  4. A similar approach will get you Brentwood & District Bridge Club.
  5. Since I didn't lay down any rules for this question, there could be all sorts of right answers. If you include hyphens and spaces in the name's length then I think Stratford-Upon-Avon Bridge For All Bridge Club wins it. But Yeovil & District Contract Bridge Association would take it over if we expanded the ampersand. Hallam Community Youth Assoc Bridge Club would win if we didn't include punctuation, didn't expand ampersands but did expand the 'Assoc'. I think. I'm confusing myself now. If you wrote down anything over 35 characters, you get a point. If you wrote down Ace of Clubs, I'm pretty sure that's the shortest and you get -1 points.

For the tie-breaker, there are 851 club venues marked on our map. 687 lie West of the meridian, 162 lie East of it and 2 lie directly on it.

And who, of the thousands of entries that were sent in, was the winner? Congratulations to Michael Byrne of Manchester! The admiration and respect of bridge players country-wide is yours. If you come across him at the bridge table in Brighton, make sure you throw him some match points.

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