Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Eileen Retires

Eileen Maunder will be leaving the EBU after over 36 years of service on 31 March 2010. We asked her a few questions:

  1. What have your roles been at the EBU? I have worked at the EBU for 36 years and 8 months. I was originally ‘head-hunted’ for the job of Membership Secretary in 1972 but turned it down. A year later I came as a temp for a month while I looked for another job, was again offered the job, which I don’t ever remember accepting, but have been here ever since. Although it is the same job it has changed so much over the years so it has not been boring. Back in 1973 all the records were kept on index cards - some even filed in shoe boxes under the stairs. It now seems hard to believe there was always excitement when the one phone rang occasionally! We had out first computer system in 1981 and things have just progressed from there. In 1973 the annual subscription was 25p, for the 2009/10 year it was £18, the same amount I was paid per week in 1973! I was employed as the Membership Secretary and to be in charge of the office when Anne and Stuart Staveley were away. Additionally over the years I have been involved with Master Points, hand dealing, making up boards, washing table cloths and in the early days of the computer being responsible for daily/weekly back-ups etc. In 1984 I got involved with our National Events as a computer scoring operator, which I enjoyed for 25 years until the arrival of Bridgemates.
  2. Do you play bridge? No I do not play Bridge - having started working at bridge events I thought I ought to learn something about the game, so I did have a some lessons, played a few times before deciding it was not for me. The high point of my bridge career was winning 1 Green Point at Portsmouth Guildhall in 1987. The fact that I don’t play bridge has not really affected my work as it has been purely administration.
  3. What do you do outside the EBU? I am a Church Warden and Lay Chairman of the P.C.C. which keeps me busy. This may sound grand but it really means I have the privilege of putting out the wheelie bin and sweeping the path! I have organised the odd Safari Supper, Barn Dance, Beetle Drive etc., besides making sure each week we have readers and coffee makers for Sunday morning. I belong to the W.I. and have been the Treasurer for many years also I am a Trustee of both a local Charity and the Village Hall. My life revolves around the village - I know the kitchens in the Village Hall and Church very well!
  4. What are you going to do once you retire? I have not yet made any great plans for retirement, I intend to spend some time relaxing and catching up with things like decorating my cottage and spending more time in the garden but eventually would like to do some kind voluntary work.
  5. What will you miss about the EBU? The thing I will miss most about the EBU is the people – colleagues past and present, all the county membership secretaries that I have
    worked with over the years, the T.D.’s that I have worked with at events and all the members I have got to know. Thank you all for your friendship – I will really miss you.


  1. Eileen

    Didn`t know you were leaving ..spoke to you lots of times on phone & said hello at the office, but I did not realise that it must have been you that I met long ago when I proudly delivered my first batch of points ( not too many since!) at the Thame office .. yes I really am that old!

    Anyway, many thanks for all your work which I guess most members don`t know about & or appreciate .Best wishes for a happy retirement

    Kind Regards, Steve Quinn

  2. Hello Eileen,

    Very Best Wishes for your retriement - thank you for all you help over the years (I was in secondary school when you started!)

    You will be missed ...


  3. Amazing woman at the EBU - you will be very sadly missed. Well done.


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