Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Staff Bowling

For Colin's last day, we all went to the local bowling alley at lunch and had a couple of games of bowling. It may have been for Colin's retirement but that doesn't mean we were going to let him win!

We drew lots for teams and the rivalry was high even before we left the office. This is how the players lined up:

Team 1: Colin G, Clare, Barry and Michael
Team 2: Colin P, Lisa, Ian and Gail
Team 3: Karen, Kay, Sue, Eileen and Peter

Team 2 looked the strongest on paper - featuring Ian Mitchell, the winner of the last staff bowling outing - but would Team 3's extra player prove to be too big an advantage?

The first game started poorly for a certain webmaster as Michael sent two balls straight down the gutter. In fact, all of the pre-match favourites - Barry, Colin P and Ian - were having a tough time and had to sit back and watch as Gail stormed to a first-half lead with a score of 130. She had a lead of 11 points over Colin but would that be enough?

Colin's response was impressive as he started off game two with three strikes in a row - a turkey in pro-bowler parlance. Barry was also firing as he knocked off a couple of strikes. Gail was less spectacular but was very consistent and kept the spares coming to stay in touch.

Colin's great start petered out a little towards the end but his final score of 153 would be very tough to beat. Barry needed 166 to overtake him but could only manage 135. Gail needed 143: she got the much needed strike in the 9th frame and followed it up with a spare to tie game two on 153. With the advantage from game one, Gail had won!

PosGame OneGame TwoTotal
2Colin P119153272
8Colin G9290182

In the team stakes, Team 2 were victorious with 858 points, 16 ahead of Team 3.

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