Monday, 18 July 2011

New Club Members Area

Today we're updating the members area for club users, tidying up the layout a bit and streamlining a few of the functions. The first thing you'll notice is that the list of members has moved from the right panel to its own tab. Instead, you'll see a summary of recent activity on the right.

The sessions list has been updated and is now split into years, so you don't have to wade through your 2010 sessions to get to the latest ones. It will also sort with the most recent sessions at the top, or you can click on the column headers to sort it as you like. As before, clicking on the session will open up some more information about it.

The membership management features are relatively unchanged, although they look a bit tidier in some areas. You can now sort by EBU number as well as by name and it's a little easier to copy-and-paste the membership list into a spreadsheet or other document.

The major changes, though, are to the submission of pay-to-play files. When you submit one you'll see a screen a little like this:

Instead of showing the full ranking list, we're showing only the important bits — the people who mismatch and need to be resolved. This puts them all in one place and for large clubs with several visitors it should save a lot of scrolling. If you want to see the whole list you can click on 'Show all participants' and it will offer you the usual view.

As before, you click on the red cross to sort out any problems, although there is now an added 'Guest' button to quickly choose that option (the green question mark next to the red cross). The red cross takes you to a page like this:

This gives you the same options as before but all on one page so if your choice doesn't work out you don't have to go back to the beginning again. In the middle (3) you can select them as a guest or create a new record for them. At the top you can search by name (1) or EBU number (2). Search results will appear at the bottom (4) and you simply click the 'Select' button by the correct record. To save you a bit of time, the system will automatically search your membership list for anyone with the same surname and present them to you as an option.

We've tried to listen to the many helpful suggestions we've had over the past year and we hope these changes are positive ones. If you do find anything not working as it should or you have any further suggestions then please send us an email or leave a comment. And if things are really broken for you then you can still go back to our old members area for the time being.


  1. Working OK. Jack Worthing Bridge Club

  2. Vast improvement- thanks for all the hard work it must have taken, and for taking on board all the adverse comments I'm sure you have received
    East Sussex Bridge Club

  3. Brian, Exmouth29 July 2011 at 10:10

    Working well. Very easy to use - the changes are for the better! Well done!!


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