Monday, 18 July 2011

New P2P Charge Rates

On July 1st we started using a slightly different system of P2P Charge Rates for our submission files so that we can cope with licensed events and differentiate between some of the zero-rated events. Don't worry — for the majority of club sessions this will make no difference at all. The old '1' rate is now renamed '10', but if you do submit a '1' we'll convert it for you.

The difference will be when you submit a zero-rated session. Instead of a blanket '0' rate, we now need to know why the session is free. For example, if it's your annual free session (for a summer party, say) then it would have rate '03'. If it's a teaching session with up to 16 boards then it would have rate '04'.

We've published full details of all the charge rates on our website:
The major scoring systems should now support these new charge rates, though you may have to update them to the latest version. You can also select the charge rate when you submit the file — you'll see a drop-down menu like this:

Just choose the rate that matches the session and it will be accounted for correctly.

Clubs which have been submitting licensed novice sessions at half-rate can now just use code '22' and we'll add it to their next P2P statement correctly.

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