Tuesday, 6 December 2011

EBU Test Sim Pairs

Today we're running a test of our new Sim Pairs software. We think the submissions process is very simple for clubs to use, but here are some short instructions just in case.

When you've scored your event and gone to our website to submit the P2P file as you usually do for a club session, you'll see a message appear in a yellow box:

This will only appear if a) you've registered for the Sim Pairs event via the members area (and so appear on our list of clubs) and b) you've entered the correct date for the session. If you've done both of these things and are still not seeing the message then see below.

If the session you're submitting is not for the Sim Pairs then uncheck the box and carry on as normal. Otherwise, leave it alone and when you submit the session (successfully) it will automatically submit it for Sim Pairs scoring too. A few minutes later you'll be able to see your club appear in the club list.

Clubs which are running more than one Sim Pairs heat should be able to do exactly the same thing. We'll detect that you've already submitted one file and will append a "(B)" to your club name to distinguish you.

If you wish to delete the session you'll be able to do so as normal but currently this won't delete the Sim Pairs entry. That's something we need to fix for the future. For now, please email us with your club number and we'll delete it for you.

Clearing your cache

If you've logged in to the members area recently it may be the case that your computer will remember the old version of the web page in an effort to speed up the page load. This will mean you won't see the Sim Pairs updates we made live last night. To get round this you need to tell your web browser that you want to clear the old pages. Instructions for all the web browsers can be found on this page.

Finally: if anything does go wrong please be patient with us - we've never run anything of this size before so there could be several unforeseen problems. We should be able to recover from most situations without you having to resubmit, though. If your session isn't listed and you're sure that you submitted it correctly then please don't continue to submit it again and again - we may have deleted it to correct some mistake. Send us an email if you're not sure.


  1. Well done guys, let's hope all goes well.

  2. Need to change a player's name. Can I resubmit session?

  3. Best you send me an email (michael@ebu.co.uk) with the details and I'll fix it for you.

  4. Booklets are not easy to read on a laptop.

    Is there a "search" button for players name on the ranking page ? I couldn't find one.

  5. Bailey BC - Richard7 December 2011 at 15:52

    Went well - would prefer travellers sent out in sealed envelope to be passed to third party. In a small club very few members have the skills or motivation to download files and if one of the keener members downloads the travellers then plays it leaves an inevitable suspicion of malpractice if they subsequently score well. Also the layout of the travellers shows tricks made before declarer, which is the opposite way to scorebridge. Would like search capability on results. Liked the commentary, but opted not to download before playing to avoid temptation! Will opt for mailed hardcopy when sims go live.

  6. Glad you had a good time Richard. Will pass your comments on.


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